Our Meads

Miracle Stag Offers Five Styles and Nine Varieties of Mead

Mead: at its most basic, mead is made with only honey, water, and yeast.

  • Saucy Wapiti

Melomel: mead fermented with fruit(s).

  • Dragonblood

  • Frigg's Cherry

  • Fleur de Helen (Spring)

Pyment: a melomel made with grapes or grape juice.

  • Honeymoon
  • Date Night

Metheglin: a mead fermented with spices.

  • Harvest Time (Autumn)

Cyser: a melomel fermented with apple cider.

  • Yule Lad (Winter)
  • Old Glory (Summer)

Every batch is unique, so each label is hand-marked with care

Our labels are hand marked, customized for your special selection.