Our Story

At Miracle Stag Meadery we strive for excellence in quality with moderation, humility and love as the compass.


Dear Reader,

Thanks for visiting the MiracleStagMead website.  Please allow me to say a few words about myself and the mead that I make. 

I founded Miracle Stag Meadery LLC in Loveland, Colorado in 2012 with the purpose of making mead of the highest quality.  The son of Transylvanian Magyar immigrants, my pursuit of happiness led me to Loveland where I met two of my great loves: my wife Laura, and my passion for making mead from the bounty of Colorado.  In the initial years I researched and developed recipes, sharing and vetting the results with friends and family.  Many thanks to their input and encouragement, I now present nine varieties that span five different styles of mead.

Two of the most fundamental and important ingredients of mead are water and honey.  At the base of the Rocky Mountains, where the great plains meet the high peaks, both of these key components are available in exceptional quality and character.  The Precambrian crystalline rock of the high peaks yields crisp pure water that is also highly cherished by the many excellent craft brewers in the region.  The unique and hardy flora, the gorgeous wildflowers of the forests and plains, are harvested by bees to produce what is arguably the best-tasting honey in the land.  The oak used in the aging process is also all-American and adds a complexity and character that is second to none.

I welcome you to experience the re-emergence of mead and to find enjoyment in doing so.  Making mead is my way of contributing to the goodness that Colorful Colorado has to offer.  Thank you for your interest and enjoy your quest!


Árpád László Kovács
Cellar Master, Meadmaker